We here at Braefiddich Farm would like to assure you that this essay contest is completely up front and real.  Three free breedings (and probably more - I am a soft touch with children) will be given away with the accompanying 10 days of free mare care, wet/dry.  Live foal guarantee and registration(s) applications given.

We do require every mare be halter broken (One would think this wouldn't have to be said!)Mares must be a minimum of three years old.  She must also have a current Coggins and a negative culture.  Foals are very welcome, however, we prefer not breeding a mare on foal heat as hauling a young foal can be very hard on him.  Mares may be bred from April 1, 2016 to July 31, 2016.

Our stallion, Von Ali Mufasa, is one that can be trusted with people of all sizes, even toddlers!  His disposition is extraordinary.  Fasa is correct, an exceptional mover and very easily trained.  He throws this on his babies.  He will give you and your child a quality foal.

Breeding a child's mare is something to think about carefully and we understand this.  If you would like to speak with us about any aspect of the essay contest, please call us!  If you would like to see Fasa before committing to the breeding, we would welcome you to the farm nearly anytime!  We love visitors and so does he.


LeAnne Abbott      417-619-3558