Von Ali Mufasa


Braefiddich is proud to call this stallion our own.  We have owned him for many years now and could not be happier with him.  Mufasa is a joy to handle and exciting to ride.  He was in a very undesirable situation as a yearling and has certainly rewarded us for taking him home. 

Mufasa possesses an outstanding pedigree.  His sire, Tallinock, is by the Russian import *Tallin, and out of VA Fiesta G, daughter of the Russian stallion *Moment and a Khemosabi daughter.  Mufasa's dam, Von Marufa's lineage displays classic Crabbet and Egyptian breeding.  Mufasa is the embodiment of the best of America's domestic breeding.

A credit to this breeding, Mufasa is an outstanding stallion, correct in every way.  He has an exquisite, classic head on a long neck.  With his strong level topline and straight legs, he has the conformation and ability to perform at any level.  His trot floats and Mufasa displays a very impressive naturally collected canter. A dark cherry red, Mufasa carries the sabino gene as he has sired a sabino colt. At one point he was very colorful, covered in Birdcatcher spots. Now he back to just a few.  Looks aren't everything, however, and here Mufasa doesn't disappoint either!  His disposition is as pretty as he is.

Unfortunately, Braefiddich has not shown Mufasa through no fault of his own.  However, our foundation stallion, Arrabba, was not seriously campaigned until his sixteenth year, so Mufasa may see the show ring yet!

Braefiddich is very proud of Mufasa's foals.  They have been correct, pretty and very people oriented.  He has been very lightly bred due to the horse industry's condition but the consistency of his offspring has been remarkable.  Not only are the foals typey and correct, they have grown into very capable athletes as well.  They are very trainable, just like their sire.  Mufasa's foals have the ability to compete in any show ring, but more importantly will be horses for the family to enjoy and trust.


Mufasa does stand to a limited number of approved outside Arabian and non-Arabian mares.  Stud fee is $300 to purebred mares, $200 to others.  Special consideration always given to 4-H/FFA mares




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