Braefiddich Mares


Braefiddich's mares are a small select group, chosen for conformation, disposition and ability.  We are very proud of these beautiful, typey and athletic mares, even more so as two are own daughters of our foundation stallion, Arrabba.  








     Kati is a classic!  We challenge anyone to

     find a more typey expressive face!  Kati is

     a beautiful grey mare with a disposition

     just as pretty.  Purebred Arabian,

     Braefiddich bred, she was born 6/2/92


















     MI CIN

    "Sunni" is a stunning red chestnut mare,

     very correct with an exceptional head and

     eye.  She is the most willing and

     affectionate partner you could find! 

     Sunni is also one of the best mothers we

    have owned. Sired by Arrabba out of a

     Gazon granddaughter.  Purebred

     Arabian, Braefiddich bred, she was born










    This is one of the new additions to the

    herd here at Braefiddich.  She is a big girl

    but doesn't sacrifice type or movement in

    any way.  Very nice pedigree as well!

     Pretty fuzzy in the picture as this was

    taken this past December.  Purebred

    Arabian  Born








     Halle is quite the girl, with quite the story!

     Read about it if you have the time.  She is

     a dark mahogany bay with a touch of

     white in her forehead.  Double registered

     as a Half Arabian and Friesian

     Warmblood, she was sired by Hertog

    Jan VD Paddensteeg, a fabulous imported

     Friesian stallion.  Her dam was BF Cinful

     Glory (Von Ali Mufasa out of Mi Cin)  Halle

     is a born sport horse, forward moving

     gaits, lots of drive in the hindquarters.  She is also a joy to work with and very trainable.  Braefiddich bred, she was born 4/6/07.  (pedigree)





    Sunni raised Mystery as a twin with Halle.

    Still today, the girls sleep, graze and eat

    together, convinced they are twins!  Sired

    by Mufasa out of Mi Cin (Sunni), Mystery is

    a very typey, elegant chestnut mare.  She

    has her father's floating gaits, exceptional

    disposition and a desire to please.

    Purebred, Braefiddich bred, she was

    born 4/7/07.








    Another elegant chestnut filly!  Folly is a full

    sister to Mystery and nearly a carbon copy

    in every way.  Very typey, no one would

    miss her Arabian heritage.  Beautiful

    floating gaits, correct  conformation,

    beauty and her disposition makes

    her a wonderful companion.  Purebred

    Arabian, Braefiddich bred, she was born









    Although an unregistered Percheron, Katie

    is certainly a quality mare. She is 16hands,

     black with a touch of white on the forehead

    and one pastern.  She was trained to work

    when we bought her, and now is a great

    riding horse.  An excellent mother, she is

    bred to Mufasa for a 2015 foal.








    We think Olivia is a Welsh/Arabian cross

    pony, probably around seven years old.

    She was pulled off a kill truck by a friend

    who has entrusted her to our care.  How

    she fell on hard times is anyone's guess,

    but at some point Olivia must have been

    someone's beloved show pony.  Not only

    does she clip/trailer/etc., she jumps like

    a champion!









   Tegan is a sweet registered Welsh pony

    recently orphaned by the death of her

    owner.  She came to Braefiddich when

    friends and I were working to rehome her

    ponies and horses.  Bred by a well

    respected Welsh breeding farm.  Born








    Okay, Juneau isn't a mare, nor would he

    probably appreciate anyone thinking he

    is.  He is a very fine gelding we found at a

    local sale and fell in love.  When I checked

    his pedigree, I found his sire and our

    stallion's maternal grandsire to be one and

    the same.  No wonder I liked him so much I

    had to bring him home!

    Purebred Arabian, he was born 5/1/04.