Braefiddich Puppies 


Most of the puppies born here at the farm are whelped in the house.  This is completely for my benefit, trust me!  It is much easier on me to come down stairs at 3am than run to the barn.  We keep a very close eye on the bitch while she is whelping, assisting if needed.  Each puppy is watched to insure it is nursing.  Mom and the litter are kept cool or warm as required.  Whelping and maintaining the litter afterwards occurs in a children's swimming pool.  Best whelping box ever!  (See photo)  The litter is kept in the house until the puppies can escape the pool, or until the bitch is ready to return to the goats if she is a working girl.

If the dam is a guardian dog, she and the puppies are returned to the goat barn in a safe corner constructed to keep the goats outside the area, but allowing the dam to come and go.  In the "puppy pen", there is water, free choice dry food, free space and the whelping box.  When the puppies can escape the pool, it is removed and different bedding supplied.  As the puppies become more mobile and adventuresome, access to the outside world is allowed.

It is very important to keep the dam and litter in a small pasture where the dam is not torn between caring for her puppies or guarding her goats.  The goats in the pasture should be docile and not likely to injure one of the little guys.

Dams which are either show dogs or house dogs usually remain in the house  until the puppies are escaping the pool and roaming the house!  At that point they have got to go outside!  The set up does not differ from the above, except no goats.  Puppy pens have been set up in kennels, sheds or garages.  A fence around the puppy pen is added to keep the puppies close if they escape.

Braefiddich puppies are well socialized from the moment they come into this world.  Each is held and stroked before it has even dried.  Every puppy is held, played with and loved every day  Socialization is absolutely important and necessary for every Komondor, no matter what his future job may be.  As discussed in the Working Komondor page, we do not agree with the common belief that handling your LDG (livestock guardian dog) "ruins" the dog's working ability.

At 3 to 5 days, the dam and puppies take a trip to the veterinarian for removal of dewclaws.  Although this could be done at home, everyone at the office enjoys seeing the new litter and playing with the puppies and each is given a brief exam, including the dam.  Even my pasture bitches have always taken this visit in stride, enjoying the attention from the staff and the trip through McDonalds on the way home.

Puppies are dewormed with pyrantel pamoate at 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8 weeks.  Puppy vaccines are given at 6 and 8 weeks.  Health is a paramount concern at Braefiddich.

Feeding the dam and litter is critical for health and proper growth.  Braefiddich allows every dog free choice high quality dry food unless restrained by goats getting into the food.  Dry food is always kept in the puppy pens.  When puppies' eyes are open and they begin to take an interest in food, we start them on infant rice cereal made with goat's milk, twice per day.  In time dry food soaked in goat's milk is added.  The hard part is keeping mom out of it!

Puppies do not leave Braefiddich until they are a minimum of eight weeks old.  Each is microchipped and inspected by the veterinarian before going to his new home.  We will happily arrange transportation for your new puppy by air.  You are welcome at the farm or we can meet you on the road.

Please read our recommendations on welcoming your new Komondor into your home and/or starting your puppy in the pasture.




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