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Lightweight, Durable, Rust Resistant, Gates, Kidding Pens and Portable Panels


FIVE 5X5 FREESTANDING PENS - $900  (after discount)


Here at Braefiddich Farm, we are long-time sheep and goat breeders.  The sheep may be gone for the moment but the goats are going strong!  We have always had trouble finding the right equipment for our needs.  To make a long story short, Braefiddich is now building quality fencing products suitable for use with goats and sheep.  While there are companies producing these same items, none quite "fit the bill" for our farm.  Either panels are too heavy, not economical, more suited to sheep rather than goats or not designed to securely contain newborns.

Braefiddich's panels and gates are light enough to be easily moved and arranged by nearly anyone,  including children.  Fencing is wire-filled, giving added strength and preventing even the most stubborn newborn from escaping into the neighboring pen.

All gates fasten with a sliding latch which is easily operated with one hand rather than those irritating chains which require two.  It makes keeping goats/sheep where they belong much easier and leaves a hand free to carry essentials.

Braefiddich's panels and gates will give years of service.  The galvanized coating resists rust very well.  Unlike some of our competitors, including a nationally known company, every wire is securely welded to the frame, smoothed down and coated with cold galvanizing paint.  Our welds will hold in nearly any situation, containing your flock reliably.  There are no sharp edges on any of our equipment to injure operators or animals.  All are ground smooth.

As you will notice, our panels and gates are constructed with square corners.  Many other brands use a rounded top corner.  While these rounded corners are rather visually pleasing, they can pose a danger to livestock.  Animals have gotten legs hung up and broken when they have slipped between rounded tops on these panels.  The square corners fit together tightly enough to prevent this from happening.

Standard wire fill on the panels/gates is hog panel.  4x4 wire fill is available as a custom option at $1/linear foot.  4x4 wire may add additional strength however, we do not have enough information at the moment to make a judgement!  We will look at each type over the next few years to see how they "age".  Some people have a concern about newborns squeezing their heads through the 4x4 openings while others are not worried.  Make your own decision regarding the wire. 

An additional custom option is a "bumper bar".  The bumper bar is a horizontal bar placed about 18 inches above ground level, the approximate height goats butt panels/gates and each others heads.  The bars are securely welded to the gate/panel frame as are the wires lying across it.  In theory this addition should increase the strength of the panel.  As with the 4x4 wire fill, only time will tell if the bumper bars significantly improve the longevity of the panels.  The bumper bars can be added to your pens for $10 per panel/4 foot gate and $15 per 5/6 foot gates. 

All panels and gates will interchange and connectors are available to allow you to fasten up to four together at common point with each panel securely on the ground.  Length of connecting pins allows a little play vertically, enabling panels to be connected on uneven ground.  With many different lengths of panels and gates and the ability to connect in many configurations, all your needs should be covered!  If not, talk to us about custom work made to fit your problem.

For all of us "old-timers" who may still own Scott Huscamp's panels, Braefiddich's panels and gates will connect with no modification.

For item specifications, photos and pricing, please visit the pages below.  Custom work is always available.  Delivery options are available.










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