Welcoming Your New Puppy Into Your Family


Welcome to the Komondor world!  Getting a new puppy is always exciting but sometimes leaves you with many questions you have not thought of before.  Hopefully this will answer some of them.  As always, if you have any questions, either now or in the future, please contact us.  We are here to help!


This is a very stressful time for your puppy.  He has never been away from mom or siblings for a significant time.  If he is shipped to meet you, it has been even more frightening.  If the puppy seems a little shy or apprehensive, don't worry.  He will warm up to you very shortly.  Offer food and water, even if he is not interested.  (He may be a little ill from motion sickness.)  Give love and attention and let him rest.

One important thing to consider if your puppy is being shipped - many will not urinate in the crate, so give him the opportunity as soon as possible after leaving the terminal.


Your new puppy will come with an up-to-date record of vaccinations and dewormings.  If any other health care issues have been addressed with him, this will be included as well.  A health certificate issued by our veterinarian within 10 days of shipment will accompany him.  Most veterinarians recommend a booster shot and rabies vaccine at three months of age.  As well, heart worm preventative is usually started at this time.  Please speak with your vet for recommendations.


Braefiddich dogs (with exception of some pasture dogs) are maintained on free-choice feeding, a supply of dry food available at all times.  We do not feed canned food, however, treats of human food and dog "cookies" are greatly appreciated by all.  We prefer free choice, but you may prefer to offer food at specific times of the day.  If so, remember your puppy needs to eat several times a day.  Your puppy will grow a tremendous amount over the next year(s) and it is important to supply him with adequate nutrition.  Please select a good quality puppy food.  There are many good ones on the market.


This is a long involved topic!  See the page on Grooming written by Rob Benoit, a longtime owner and exhibitor of Komondors.  Robbie was also our "dog partner" and dear friend (now deceased).


This is another involved topic!  See the page on Socialization and Training for our opinions on the subject!

We know this does not begin to answer all questions or cover all topics.  Please contact us at any time with an individual question, or a topic you would like to see covered here.


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