Hi, to every member of 4H and FFA who is considering entering this essay contest!  The contest is open to youth of any age and mares of type including ponies.


Three free breedings will be awarded and will include 10 days of free mare care.  Breedings are to be used during spring/summer of 2016.  Live foal guarantee.  All resulting foals will be eligible to be registered as Arabian/Half Arabian (or dual registration where available).

This is an easy contest.  I just want to get to know you and your mare a little bit and see what you have been doing together. 

You may submit your essay by either mailing it to 1967 South Farm Road 45, Republic, Missouri 65738, or on line by emailing it to braefiddich@braefiddich.com.

To begin, send a good photo of yourself and your mare.  Your name, age, address, phone number and 4H/FFA chapter need to be included as well.

And now for your essay!  Just tell me a story about you and your girl.  Make sure it is all true!  Here are a few things to give you some ideas.  Tell me a little bit about yourself, how long you have been riding, where you ride, what you like to do when you ride.  Tell me a little bit about your mare, her name, how old she is, is she registered, how long you have been riding her and most important, what does she like!

At the end of the essay, please tell me what you would like to do with your new baby when it is born and how you want to grow up together.

If you and your mare are selected, I will give you a call and together with your parents, we will pick out a good time to bring your mare to the farm to meet Mufasa.  If you are not picked, I will still call you and let you know.

I hope you choose to enter the contest.  I canít wait to meet each of you!


A few of Mufasa's foals -






mailto:  braefiddich@braefiddich.com