Creep Pens, Puppy Pens, Etc






Creep panels are 48 inches in height and come in

two standard widths - 24 inches with two openings

and 40 inches with three openings.


Creep panel openings, 8 inches by 10 inches, are

rewelded for strength and durability.  All cut edges are

then ground to remove any sharp edges, preventing

injuries to kids/lambs.


Panels can be attached to regular panels of any size,

making either freestanding or wall-mounted units.










As you can see from the pictures above, the openings easily keep out the 10 month old doeling while allowing her younger siblings come and go.




Custom size panels and gate were constructed to enclose our livestock scale.  The pen

keeps the animal on the platform, allowing weighing to be a much easier task!  Just one way

a custom job can fix a problem for you.








Construct a puppy pen in your pasture or paddock for your Livestock Guardian Dog (LGD)

puppy.  The pen gives him/her a safe zone and protects the food and water from the goats

or sheep.  See our discussion on using the pen for our puppies on our farm page regarding

starting your pasture dog.