Available Puppies And Dogs



We expect to breed a  litter of puppies this spring.  They will be a repeated breeding of Brae's Rose of Argyll and Ari's Zoltan who have produced outstanding litters in 2014 and 2015. 


If you are interested a loving, devoted companion and quality guardian for you, your family or your livestock, you will not do any better than these puppies.  If you are interested in one of these guys, please email or call!  


Braefiddich seldom has adult dogs for sale, however, we occasionally have a working adult, available to a good home in need of a pasture guardian.  These dogs would be well socialized, family safe and working well with our goats.  If you are someone in need, please call to see if we can help you with one of our dogs or a rescue.





There is a rescue here at the farm available for adoption to the right home.  Freida is a very sweet, loving girl that has proven to be a GREAT "baby dog".  She is currently with a group of does and young kids.  She was present at the birth of several of the kids, cleaned them well but didn't interfere with the mother/baby bonding.  I do ask for a donation to the rescue fund of MASKC (Middle Atlantic States Komondor Club) to help defray the cost of her rescue. 


Please contact me for more information about this sweet girl! 







mailto: braefiddich@braefiddich.com