Socialization And Training


Socialization and training are the most important facets of your puppy's world.  Even pasture dogs need attention in these two areas.  All the affection and time in the world will not allow your puppy to grow into your best friend without addressing these areas.

The absolute most important thing with your puppy is to establish yourself (and any family members) as the alpha.  Komondors are very strong willed dogs who have no trouble making decisions and following through.  These attributes are what makes them tremendous guardians, however, they may also cause some friction with humans.  As the puppy grows into adolescence, he will naturally explore the possibilities of moving up in the pack's (family's) pecking order.  Some dogs never challenge and some are a real pain!  If you start your puppy correctly, you can minimize problems in this area.

 In many ways raising a puppy is a great deal like raising a child.  The two most important items to remember and practice is consistency and fairness.  Set boundaries for the puppy and remember to say no to the important things, not everything.  If you are reactionary about everything the puppy does, soon he will either tune you out or become fearful. 

One area many people tend to forget is to desensitize your puppy to touches from humans.  Stroke your puppy everywhere - belly, chest, legs.  Take time and play with the puppy's feet.  As strange as it may seem, this sets the stage for your puppy to accept touch and perhaps medical attention in the future.  This is critical for pasture dogs as well.  There are more than a few cases where a pasture guardian has refused to allow it's humans to treat injuries, even life threatening ones.