Choosing The Right  Puppy/Dog

There are many issues to consider when choosing the right Komondor dog or puppy to join your household.  We will try to cover most of the important items here to help you with your decision.  After all, Braefiddich wants to insure the happiness and compatibility of dogs and owners, even if the dog is not Braefiddich bred.

Since you have decided on a Kom, you have probably done some reading and research.  Better yet, you may have friends or family with a Kom.  We strongly encourage people to meet the dogs personally before bringing one home.  This may be difficult as this isn't the most common of dogs and there may not be one close by.  This is not the end of the world, however, do spend some time talking to owners.  Like every thing else in the world, the dogs have pros and cons.  Be realistic about what you will expect from your dog.

Next, what role will the dog have in your household?  Are you looking for a pasture guardian, house companion or companion/show dog?  If you want a guardian, what will he be guarding?  How large/rough is the pasture?  Do you have an older dog?  If you want a companion, what is your lifestyle?  Children or other pets?  There are no right or wrong answers.  Everything just plays into the choice of the individual puppy/dog.  Be honest with your breeder and discuss everything.

Choosing the breeder you will work with is your most important decision.  Good breeders can make this a wonderful experience, inept breeders can ruin it.  Talk to several before making a decision and choose someone you can trust and will enjoy working with.

Your breeder will help you with your choice of puppy (perhaps adult or rescue).  After all,  the breeder knows these guys and every aspect of their personality very well.  Most of the puppies at Braefiddich leave for their new homes without ever meeting their new families (as most fly to their new homes).  We try to match the puppy's personality to the picture the prospective new owners envision.  Even if you visit the breeder's home, please listen to his opinions.  Remember he has been with them for their entire life!  Keep in mind as well, there are differences between pet and show quality.  If you want a companion and have no interest in the show world, do not become enamoured with a show quality dog!  There may be a price difference you may not wish to pay.  The breeder may also wish the puppy to go to a show home

Matching an adult or rescue Komondor with a new home goes through the same process.  Rescues may required someone with previous experience with the breed as well depending on their history.

Braefiddich is always happy to share our dogs with visitors.  We have pasture dogs, house dogs, and the occasional show dog.  We would love to introduce you this wonderful breed.  Please contact us at anytime.